Web developement

I offer a completely self-made and designed website. Of course, in a modern, responsive design and CMS-based if desired.

Company Documents

I'll help you develope a recognizable corporate design for your company and stand out from the masses.

Social Media Marketing

Social media are an underestimated source of customer. Together we'll build a strategy that will appropriately represent you on Facebook and Co.

Web developement

Responsive Design
All of my websites are responsive, which means they are individually adapted for every device, from a PC screen and tablet to a mobile phone screen.
CMS implementation
With a content management system you have the possibility to log in to your website and create your own articles, exchange images and costumize the contents as you desire.
Save and access all images and files via the website's administration and exchange them with just a few clicks.

Company Documents

Print media
I will also gladly support you by creating company documents such as business cards, stationery and image brochures or advertising materials of any kind such as flyers, posters etc.
Logo Design
Your logo is THE feature your company is recognized by. I offer an individual logo designed according to your wishes, regardless of whether it is a figurative mark, word mark or a combination of both.
Corporate Design
A recognizable 'look' is the be-all and end-all for a company when establishing on the market. The elaboration of a corporate design, clear guidelines for coloring, typography and layout of advertising material and documents therefore is essential.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media
The representation of a company on social platforms such as Facebook and Co. is often underestimated and too little attention is paid to it. Companies also often choose platforms that are not suitable for their industry. Together we will build a strategy with which you will be adequately represented on the social media most relevant for you in order to benefit from them in the best possible way.
Consistent support
Even after our cooperation, I remain your contact person for your questions and requests.

Why is good marketing that relevant?

Studies have shown that people's opinions on companies is 75% based on the quality and appearance of their websites or marketing materials. In order to remain relevant on the market you have to keep up with modern trends and guidelines and keep your corporate design, website and company documents at an appealing level.

I can help you with it!

Modern Design

A discount of 25% for startups!

Being self-employed myself I know the difficulties the first months bring along. That's why I offer an exclusive package for startups. Trust me with all your graphic requirements and get a 25% discount on the entire package, which can consist of the following products*:



Business Cards



Social Media


About Me

My name is Nina Strieder, I am 25 years old and based in Germany. After graduating from high school in early 2013, I have now been successfully working in various areas of media design for 7 years. Now I consider myself able to go my own way and implement projects from conception and design to the final creation completely single-sourced.

You can find more information about me in my portfolio.


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